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Education and Public Relations Unit

Education and Public Relations Unit the National Museum is responsible for the planning and implementation of various educational and promotional activities in and to reach out to the National Museum to foster and disseminate the functions and the role of the National Museum in the general public and visitors generally. 

In addition, this unit also acts as a spokesman for the National Museum in communicating information relating to facts and situations related to the National museum with the direction and consent of the directors. This Unit is also responsible for managing public relations with the media and planning media strategies in the dissemination of information effectively. The responsibility of this unit is also the coordinator of public/customer complaint.

Functions and Roles

  • An activity to reach in
    • to plan, coordinate and implement all year-round activities including activities during exhibitions, weekend activities or involving festivals and public holidays.
    • to coordinate and implement the implementation of the Student Innovation Museum inspiration
    • to coordinate applications from schools, government agencies, private sector, NGO, individuals to implement activities/collaborations at the National Museum.
    • to forge intelligent cooperation with various parties to implement the external Reach program 

  • Off-reach activities
    • to plan and implement outsourcing activities throughout the year at selected locations either by invitation or in collaboration.
    • to forge smart collaboration with various parties to implement the program.

  • Tours
    • to coordinate tour application from national guests, guest of honour, school, government agencies, private, NGO, individuals to visit the National Museum 
    • to coordinate the JMM Museum volunteer tour program at the National Museum. 

  • Complaints 
    • Monitor and act for complaints cases from Public Complaints Bureau (BPA), Web site, social Media and suggestions box.

  • Mass Media 
    • Monitor issues related to museum published through the mass media. 
    • Coordinate newspaper report feedback/mass Media touching museum policies and operations

  • Publicity 
    • to plan & to coordinate activities and publicity through the mass media, including press conferences, media broadcasts and media coverage.
    • to plan & to coordinate activities and publicity through social media such as current programmes, exhibitions and current events at the National Museum. 
    • plan, coordinate and implement external promotions such as shopping centres, tourism locations, shops, schools, universities, government and private offices. 
    • to coordinate recording and live TV/Radio and interview session related to issues and programmes
    • to coordinate the media application and individuals to hold media coverage, news, article writing and others related to the museum and activities. 

  • Monitoring of promotional materials/signboards 
    • plan, coordinate and monitor the promotional materials on the National Museum in the compound and around the national museum in particular during a programme or exhibition.