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Museum Management And Public Relation Unit

The Management and Public Relation Division is essential in supporting the main function of the National Museum to ensure that the policies and goals can be achieved and implemented efficiently and effectively for all parties, especially for the visitors.

This unit is responsible to:

  • Plan, implement and improve support services that include counter, personnel management, administration, assets, procurement and finance;
  • Act as a spokesman in conveying information, facts and situations related to the National Museum in accordance with the instructions and approval of the Museum Director;
  • Manage public relations between the media and the National Museum in planning and disseminating information effectively;
  • Manage public and customer complaints and feedback process to take appropriate action;
  • Manage visit requests from government agencies, private sector, NGOs, and individuals who wish to visit the National Museum, and;
  • Implement various periodic programs to attract visitors to visit the National Museum.