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Ningyo Exhibition
Central Hall, National Museum

Ningyō is a Japanese word which equals to “doll”, and literally means “human shape.” This exhibition explores the Japanese doll and its culture nurtured in the history and folklore of Japan with a focus on four sections: "Ningyō to pray for children’s growth" used in the seasonal festivals; " Ningyō as fine art" for appreciation, which is characterized by various techniques, technologies, and styles; " Ningyō as folk art" that focus on local diversity and simple beauty; and "spread of Ningyō culture" that covers the diversity of dolls continuing to todays.

This exhibition showcases 67 Japanese dolls that presents a comprehensive introduction to Japanese doll culture, from Katashiro and Amagatsu, which are considered to be the archetypes of dolls in Japan, to local dolls that reflect the climate and anecdotes from across the country, to dress-up dolls that are beloved in Japan today as doll toys, and scale figures that are highly regarded around the world.