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Nostalgia Ramadan Syawal
National Museum

Aidilfitri is a festive that is celebrated by Muslims globally. This festival is observed on the first of Syawal to commemorate Muslims' great victory after a month of fasting in Ramadan after abstaining from eating and drinking, as well as any other acts that may invalidate the fast, from dawn until sunset.

Syawal brings happiness to Muslims worldwide. In Malaysia, Syawal celebration lasts around a month, and Muslims take the opportunity to ask for forgiveness from one another and pay visits to strengthen relationships.

Come visit the Syawal Ramadan Nostalgia Exhibition in the Central Hall of the National Museum from March 21st to April 21st 2024, to relive your festival memories. Explore varied collections of traditional cooking tools used in the past, as well as myriad foods served during the holiday season.
Also, look forward to a variety of engaging activities that will take place in conjunction with this exhibition, suitable for all ages!

Nostalgia Ramadan Syawal