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Research is an essential service under the Department of Museums Malaysia (DMM), and it contributes significantly to the DMM's goal of preserving and disseminating knowledge of country's heritage.

Three sorts of research, which are:

1. Internal Research and Collaboration.
This research is conducted by JMM staff. Collaboration with government institutions or agencies is also encouraged.

2. Overseas Research
Foreign research requires approval from the Economic Planning Unit, Ministry of Economy. Refer Official Portal of Ministry of Economy for more info.

3. Individual Research
Individuals who are students or employees of universities or government bodies are welcome to conduct research at the Department of Museum Malaysia.

Starting April 1st, 2024, any research application at The National Museum of Malaysia or museums supervised by the DMM can be submitted online through the Museum Research Application (MUSRA) System.

Further questions or for more details, please contact:

Mrs Intan Masayu binti Abdullah
Curator, Research and Documentation Division
03-2267 1000 ext. 294 

Ms Suriati binti Sulong 
Assistant Curator, Research and Documentation Division
03-2267 1000 ext. 343