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100 Years Trophy Exhibition of H.M.S Malaya
National Museum


The H.M.S. Malaya trophy is the most prestigious football and rugby tournament trophy ever organized in the history of national sports. This prestigious trophy has been used for about 46 years in the world of football and 65 years for rugby before being replaced by the Malaysia Cup and the Agong’s Cup. The history of the H.M.S. Malaya trophy in this country began when the Captain of H.M.S. Malaya, H.T. Buller presented two trophies to the Federated Malay States for football and rugby competitions in Malaya in 1921 as a token of appreciation after a visit to Malaya. The 100 YEARS TROPHY OF H.M.S. MALAYA EXHIBITION is organized by the Department of Museums Malaysia together with its strategic partner, the Malaysian Nuclear Agency to raise the prestige of this trophy to the national level through scientific research. The prestigious of this trophy is translated through this exhibition to the community so that the historical and scientific value of these two trophies can be seen and appreciated by every level of society.