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Kelirieng (Burial Poles)


In the past it was customary for the two tribes Sekapan and Punan Bah to rebury their dead by collecting the bones from the coffin and placing them in a jar far from their houses. The jar would then be placed inside or around the pole in a manner shown here. These burial poles, estimated to be around 200 years old, were donated to Muzium Negara by the Sekapans (a sub-group of the Kajang people) and the Punan Bah Community from around Belaga in the upper Rajang River region of Sarawak. They were re-erected on this site on 1 November 1979. The bigger pole, measuring 8.5 metres (26 feet) high came from Sungai Pila while the smaller one one measuring 7.1 metres (22 feet) high is from Sungai Bah.