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Eagle 150B


The Eagle 150B was the first Malaysian-made aircraft completed in 1993. The Eagle Aircraft or Eagle Programme is one of the government's national projects in developing its own aircraft using the local technology and expertise. The project was started by an Australian company, Composite Technology Pty Ltd in the beginning but was taken over by a local company, Composites Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM). Malaysia's involvement in this project is not only in capital raising but also in management, quality control and production. A team of Malaysian engineers, technicians and managers with the help of the Australian team built the aircraft from a proof-of-concept prototype to a production prototype and subsequently the production of the aircraft. 

The construction of the aircraft took two and a half years and had undergone a 300-hour test before the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority issued a certificate of approval on September 21, 1993 which allowed the aircraft to be manufactured and marketed by the CTRM company. The Eagle 150B was donated by the CTRM to the Department of Museums Malaysia in 2016.