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Gallery C: Colonial Era

This gallery stretches the history of foreign power in Malaya starting from the conquest of Malacca by the Portuguese in 1511. The invasion's string, the alternate foreign forces led to Dutch, British and Japanese occupation, as well as Siamese threats that continued to conquer the Malay terrain. 

The main factor that became the foreign Power attraction towards the Malay terrain was strategically located at the intersection of the Straits of Malacca between the east and West trade and the wealth of lies. They came to dominate the spice trade and the limitations of the Earth's revenue especially tin ore which had high demand in Europe during the outbreak of the Industrial revolution in the early 18th century. The dominance of foreign powers over the country lasted over 500 years. During this period, the country's wealth has been foreclosed, the local child is persecuted and denied their right to lead to the awareness of defending the supremacy in the water land. 

Also featured in this gallery are the impact and changes carried out and left by the colonials of political, social and economic aspects.