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Museum Volunteers JMM


Museum Volunteers was officially launched on 19 April 2007 at Muzium Negara, Kuala Lumpur by the late Director General, Department of Museums Malaysia, Dato' Dr. Adi Haji Taha. The first volunteer group comprised twenty women from various countries including Malaysia. Fifteen ladies graduated as museum volunteer guides in April 2007 after attending the first training course which included talks on Malaysian culture, heritage and history. There were also guiding workshops in the museum galleries run by trained volunteers from the Jakarta and Singapore museum volunteer groups. Currently, there are about 160 Museum Volunteers in the Department of Museums Malaysia, consisting of different nationalities, cultural and religious backgrounds. Their mission is to promote public awareness of museums and to build an appreciation and understanding of the history and cultures of Malaysia. They provide free guided tours at the museum and support the museum's educational and expansion activities.


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